About Us

The company operates a sizable production facility and manages a large neighboring area of forested land, which eventually will serve as a perpetual resource for the enterprise. We maintain a policy of sustainability and work closely with forestry officials to ensure that will continue to grow in an environmentally sound manner.


Marco Raposo Bows

Marco Raposo Bows is the result of careful planning and development. We view the bow making process in its totality and work to ensure that all phases and elements of production are optimized to create a product of international distinction.

Our work begins with studies of the soil that will nourish the precious Pernambuco wood, our main raw material, (only mature trees that are over thirty years old are used) and includes meticulous attention to the bow’s acclimatization phase during the final stage of production. These studies lead us to a Reforestation Project, which will protect a natural resource for future generations.

Our exclusive designs are made of recycled “Pau-Brasil” wood, from old Brazilian colonial farm fences. The quality of these wood blocks are superior in comparison to other available wood used in the market, because it has naturally dried out through the years.