Inspiring conservation of the forests

We envision a world where the forests are healthy and people are committed to protecting the integrity of Earth’s ecosystem.

Marco Raposo has been developing projects designed to address the problem of deforestation and create possible solutions to control major damage to the environment. As an active member of protecting the environmental, his concern is to be present in national and international forums where the issue is sustainable economic development.



His personal activities are reflected in his company’s actions. Guided by the profound respect for the species that serves as the source of it’s bows, the precious Pernambuco wood, he allows interested parties to plant their own Pau-Brasil trees, within its own area of forest (35.000m2). In the past three years he has planted 6.000 trees. This accomplishes two goals: a contribution to the company’s reforestation efforts and a way of building a constructive ecological awareness.

Marco Raposo Bows believes that the public debates are of vital importance, in protecting the Tropical Forest. Information maybe exchanged for potential solutions. We believe that such activities will lead to an organized struggle towards the maintenance of several species critical to the future of bow making.

Through the company’s efforts, we gathered enough trees to supply the bow making for next 380 years. This is a personal victory for Marco Raposo Bows, which is ultimately interested in protecting the species of the Tropical Forest in perpetuity.

Marco Raposo leads and participates in several reforestation programs aimed at developing a sustainable relationship with the “Pau-Brasil” and other native species of the Tropical Forest.